About Me

Hi, I am Sanjeewani.

I am a Sri Lankan based Medical doctor, with expertise in clinical nutrition.

I am interested in converting the updated evidence based medical and scientific facts on nutrition, to simple healthy food choices understandable to general public!

I have been working in field of clinical nutrition for three years at clinics, hospitals and community. There I delivered specialised nutrition care for patients, trained students and staff on nutrition as well as delivered public speeches for community and on media. My prior five-year experience as a medical doctor aided me in better understanding of the clinical aspect of nutrition to render a better service for all.

 I feel it is a grave responsibility of expertise to deliver the correct knowledge to this field full of myths and quacks, especially in this part of continent where it is lacking.

 So, come, join with me for an enjoyable and healthy journey through eating!!!


My mission

To help the public to make healthy and enjoyable food choices, based on nutritive facts and their choices to make it enjoyable!